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Gourmet Roasted Figs Beverage

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Our Gourmet Roasted Figs Beverage has become a favorite among many.  Made entirely from California grown Sun-dried and Roasted Black Figs, Roasted Figs contains NO Artificial Colors, Preservatives, or Added Flavors, yet provides Natural Energy from Figs. With several Health Benefits, Figs are also high in Antioxidants and considered to be one of the Best, Natural, Energy Providing, Re-constitutive Foods in the world.  Roasted Figs is Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO and Delicious, Try it today!

Roasted Figs is best served Brewed and can be enjoyed Hot or Iced, as a delicious alternative to Coffees and Teas.  Little is Much, as only 1/2 tsp is needed per cup of water - much less grounds used than with Coffee.  Roasted Figs yields 2-3 times more than other similar beverages, and can be enjoyed by everyone in your household.