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Each of our Services listed can be tailor-made for specific audiences, occasions, and Health Needs.

Cooking Classes with Health Lectures

Heidi's Health Kitchen® believes that each one should be given knowledge of how to prepare easy-to-make-foods that are healthful and delicious. We believe that foods that are healthful and life-sustaining are to be prepared so that men, women, and children will not need to eat meat. With the recent research of T. Colin Campbell & the China Study as well as documentaries such as "Forks over Knives", Millions are now seeing the direct link between Cancer & animal products. We believe it is important to be intelligent in regards to disease and its cause. We desire to teach you The Art of Cooking Wholesome Food, as well as how to use and combine fruits, grains, and vegetables into foods that will sustain life and not bring disease.

Please check our EventBrite Calendar for upcoming COOK WITH US!  Hands-On Cooking Classes and other Cooking Demonstrations.

Catering (Plant-Based Desserts & Foods)

Our Healthy, Vegan-based, Delicious Products are the perfect choice for your next party or event!  Whether it be CARUBIES®, CARUBELLA™, one of our RAW Dessert Tarts, or any of the dishes served in our Pop-Up Restaurants, your guests will be satisfied to the fullest.   View Our Catering Menu Options Here.

Pop-Up Restaurant (Serving Plant-Based Foods & Desserts)

Heidi's Health Kitchen® Pop-Up Restaurants Serve Healthy, Plant-Based, Vegan-Based, Delicious Foods for the entire family!  We typically offer a 3-Course, Prix-Fixe Menu with options designed to satisfy even the "Meat Eaters" in Your Family!  Our Menu changes with each Pop-Up Restaurant allowing you to try many of our different foods and Desserts while enjoying Dinner in a peaceful, joyful atmosphere!  Delicious Foods await you at Heidi's Health Kitchen®!  Make Your Reservations Here

Corporate Lunch Demos

We offer 20-30 Minute Plant-based lunch demonstrations for your employees. We will share Health tips and benefits as we demonstrate a Delicious Lunch, which then will be served to your employees. Additional Lunch and Dessert items from Heidi’s Health Kitchen® will be available for Sale during this Lunch Demo.

Help in Fundraising

Many organizations are looking to raise funds periodically or year-round. Heidi’s Health Kitchen® has developed a “Fundraising Program” to help your Organization to reach its goals through the sale of Healthy, Delicious, Natural Products. We are currently working with Schools and Churches and can assist in helping you reach your fundraising goals.

Private Plant-Based Cooking Parties

We are happy to accommodate you and your guests in sharing Healthy, Easy, Food and Dessert options that you and your guests can make in the comfort of your own homes. We will provide a Demo as well as Sample tastings and have individual size portions of our products available for your guests to purchase as they desire, OR In our "COOK With US!" Program, We'll come to you and cook an entire 3 or 5-Course meal of your Choice, and everything is yours to enjoy!. View this Program HERE

To schedule Heidi’s Health Kitchen® for any of these events please Contact Us for details.