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Watch the Online Series "India In Eschatology", by Heidi's Health Kitchen.

The Series includes life-changing content, video's, and images that will give you a greater understanding of Eastern Lifestyle Practices and Rituals, and the basis upon which they are founded.  

Purchasing Your Viewing Access Here To India In Eschatology or Click HERE for Online Viewing Rental Access on Vimeo.  DVD's will be released After All Parts Have Been Uploaded Online!  For Instant Rental Access, Watch on Vimeo Online!

Series Titles:
Part 1: Introduction & Overview of Hinduism
Part 2: Religions from India - An overview explaining how they all include the 2 lies that satan told Eve in the Garden of Eden ("You will not die, You will be like gods").
Part 3: Overview of Lifestyle Practices rooted in Indian Religions that have impacted the West. (Reiki, Mindfulness, Ayurveda, etc.)
Part 4: Yoga (Its Origins, Purpose, Stretching Vs Yoga, Interviews with Yoga Gurus in India, etc.)
Part 5: Yoga & Mark of The Beast.

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