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Market Favorite: Raw Organic Pumpkin Seeds, 1.5 lb

Market Favorite: Raw Organic Pumpkin Seeds, 1.5 lb

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Raw Organic Pumpkin Seeds are high in Zinc, which your body needs to fight viruses!  Also rich in Magnesium, Fiber, Iron, Protein, Tryptophan, and healthy Fatty Acids, Raw Pumpkin Seeds are a great way to increase your immunity, calm your nerves, and get a better night's sleep!  Highly Nutritious, Packed with powerful Antioxidants, Pumpkin Seeds are easy to add to your diet.

Add Raw Organic Pumpkin Seeds to Your Baked Goods, Granola,Trail Mix, Yogurt, Oatmeal, Savory Dishes, and More!

Few Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds 

  1. Supports Overall Health
  2. Heart-Protective, Help Reduce Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
  3. Increases Nitric Oxide
  4. Anti-Inflammatory
  5. Testosterone Building
  6. Sleep Enhancing

Our Favorite Use:  Process 2 cups of Pumpkin Seeds into Pumpkin Seed Butter.  Add 2 TBSP Maple Syrup if desired for sweetness. Apply to Toast, Crackers, or just eat on a spoon

Researchers have found that Raw Pumpkin Seeds with their rich nutrient content provide several Health Benefits such as improved energy, mood and immune function.  Raw Pumpkin Seeds also naturally contain Trptophan, an amino acid that can help promote sleep. The Zinc in these seeds can also help convert Tryptophan to Serotonin, which is then changed into Melatonin, the hormone that regulates your sleep cycle!

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