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CARUBIES® Decadent Carob Truffles

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CARUBIES® Decadent Carob Truffles are a Plant-based, Gluten-free, and Delicious Snack, brought to you by Heidi’s Health Kitchen® of New York.  At Heidi’s Health Kitchen® we know that it is difficult to find Plant-based & Gluten-free Snacks and Desserts that are Tasty & Delicious, and we want to bring you the very best... All without using Machines in the manufacturing!!           All of our packaging materials are “Food Grade Certified” (from the candy cups to the boxes).

Key Ingredients Include All Natural Carob,Sunflower Seeds, Pure Raw Coconut, Raw Honey*, and Premium Tree Nuts.              Peanuts are used in Crunch Flavor only.    

Each Flavor/Assortment Box includes 16 CARUBIES® Pieces, Except Original which includes 20 CARUBIES® Pieces. 

*Honey-Free CARUBIES® Available to Order In Coconut, Original, & Nut Lovers Flavors upon request

Assortment Boxes Available:

  • Nut Lovers
    • Cashew Coconut (5pcs)
    • Salted Almond (6pcs)
    • Pistachio (5pcs)
  • Coconut Lovers
    • Coconut (8pcs)
    • Cashew Coconut (8pcs)
  • Favorites
    • Original (6pcs)
    • Black Forest (5pcs)
    • Mint-Chip (5pcs)

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Enjoy for up to 6 Months Refrigerated, and up to 12 Months Frozen.


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